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How to send us your work!




We print on international standard 0.
We do not colour correct your files or make any adjustments unless specifically arranged with the lab.

Please ensure your screen is calibrated – we suggest the use of colour management products such as a Spyder. (Do not use external software on Mac, as Mac colour is superior at factory default).


If you are unsure about the way we work, please feel free to pop us a mail at info@atphoto.co.za


Place an Order

To place an order, send your order to print@atphoto.co.za or if you are sending a link (WeTransfer or Dropbox) send the link to dropbox@atphoto.co.za

(in your email state your printing specification).


Receive your Invoice

Once your order has been received we will forward you an invoice.

(orders will only be processed once proof of payment has been received).




You will receive a notification from us to inform you that your order is ready for collection.


If you are unsure about the way we work, please feel free to pop us a mail at info@atphoto.co.za or click on the links below:

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– We prefer JPEGs but we also accept TIFF’s, PSD’s, PDF’s files.

– We prefer JPEGs but we also accept TIFF’s, PSD’s, PDF’s files.

We print in sRGB for photographic prints. Please ensure your images are exported in this colour profile.

– Should your order be for large format CMYK prints, please do not make the conversion. Send all your files in sRGB or Adobe RGB.

– Only one file is necessary per image, even if multiple print sizes are ordered from that image.

– If you have done Photoshop work, please discard any extra channels and be sure to save using highest quality JPEG settings.

– We prefer that you zip your order when uploading to Dropbox. This ensures that the entire folder is loaded and images do not “disappear”. You are welcome to send them on a removable device or disc as well or bring them to the store yourself.


It is very important that you send an email after you have uploaded files to your Dropbox folder with us (you may use the folder we created and shared with you or share from your own account). SUPER IMPORTANT: Send the email to dropbox@atphoto.co.za – this mail is seen by all of production. This way we know to look out for the work and don’t miss an upload or link.

Remember to attach your order form in this mail. 

If you are using Album Ninja, please make sure you have selected the correct product and paper type. These orders cannot be changed after you have made the upload. Offline orders cannot show us your details until de-crypted either……then it is too late to change anything.

If your order is a custom order we have created in conjunction with you, please do not assume the previous order is remembered. Please submit all details of your customization with every order placed, this way we are sure to understand the particulars of every order.

No orders will be processed without proof of payment. Please make sure you allow yourself enough time to make the deadline and submit proof of payment within the time frame allocated. Alternatively make use of the AlbumNinja software that can process our payment on submission.


It is very important that you do not use special characters when naming your image files. Using Special Characters could cause order to be corrupted. Special Characters include the following:

~ ` ^ : & * ( ) | ‘ ” , ? © [ ] < >


Please make sure you are using the most recent Photoshop® templates / actions available on our website in the Darkroom before you start. If you are using Album Ninja, ensure you have updated your software so any changes made will reflect on your order through the software.

If you are using other types of software such as Adobe Photoshop, Adobe Indesign, Lumapix or Smartalbum etc. Please make sure your spread pages are: (12 inch x 24 inch spreads – Square)(12 inch x 32 inch spreads – Landscape) and (16 inch x 24 inch – Portrait).