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Copy Centre

Copy Centre 

How to send us your work:

  1. Email images to print@atphoto.co.za
  2. Attach printing specifications
  3. We will forward you an invoice
    (Only once payment has been received, we will start processing  your order)

A4 and A3 Copies and Finishing

Select from our comprehensive list of printing options for your B&W and color copies which best describe your finished product:

  • Single-sided
  • Double-sided
  • Optional finishing such as laminating, backing board and frosted sheet available
1-200 80 gsm Prints  R 0.60  R 3.50  R 1.20  R 7.00
160 gsm Prints  R 3.00  R 5.90  R 4.70  R 10.50
200 gsm Prints  R 3.60  R 6.50  R 5.40  R 11.20
201-500 80 gsm Prints  R 0.50  R 3.00  R 1.20  R 6.00
160 gsm Prints  R 2.90  R 5.40  R 4.70  R 9.50
200 gsm Prints  R 3.50  R 6.00  R 5.40  R 10.20
500+ 80 gsm Prints  R 0.50  R 2.80  R 1.20  R 5.60
160 gsm Prints  R 2.90  R 5.20  R 4.70  R 9.10
200 gsm Prints  R 3.50  R 5.80  R 5.40  R 9.80
FINISH Lamination  R 5.80  R 11.30
Backing Board  R 5.80  R 11.30
Frosted Sheet  R 5.80  R 11.30
Cutting Fee  R 3.30


Wire binding is the most popular binding solution in our copy centre. Binding with wires lay flat and the sheets can flip a full 360°.

WIRE BINDING   Wire Binding 5.5mm  R 7.60
Wire Binding 6.9mm  R 8.00
Wire Binding 8mm  R 9.50
Wire Binding 9.5mm  R 10.20
Wire Binding 12.7mm  R 14.00
Wire Binding 14.3mm  R 16.10
Wire Binding 22mm  R 23.30
Wire Binding 25.4mm  R 26.10
Wire Binding 28.6mm  R 28.00
Wire Binding 30mm  R 34.90

Plan Printing

If you’re an Architect, urban designer, draftsman or builder, then chances are you need high definition plans. Large format printing delivers precision and accuracy which is essential for your documents.

A plan printing service is also ideal if you’re a business or home renovator, as quality printed plans will be necessary for your builders and tradespeople, not to mention your own personal records. It could even be useful if you were documenting a plan of your family tree.

You see, plan printing is perfect for all your large scale drawings and delivers accurate, professional results.  You can even use colour to clarify details and help effectively communicate your vision.

  • Range of sizes – A0, A1, A2 (or custom)
  • Perfect for building and house plans
  • Fast turnaround
  • Reductions
  • Enlargements
  • Mono Plan Printing
  • Colour Plan Printing

Poster Printing

Posters are a versatile business marketing tool and a great way to get your brand noticed. Posters can be designed and printed in full-colour and printed on a range of stock to suit your needs. If you plan to display your posters outside, they can be laminated to help protect them from the elements or printed on a UV resistant stock to avoid them fading in the sun.

Posters are printed in high resolution colour to make sure they stand out anywhere you choose to display them (shopfront, conferences, marketing events etc). In fact, they are cost-effective measure to maximise the potential of all your business promotions and advertising.

  • Range of sizes – A3 through to custom-size
  • Perfect for advertising and promotions
  • Fast turnaround
  • A range of stock (paper, canvas, vinyl etc.) to suit your purpose
  • Laminated, mounted
  • High colour definition
  • Print runs from 1 to 1000s
PLANS 80gsm A2 Print  R 40.00
80gsm A1 Print  R 89.00
80gsm A0 Print  R 157.00
POSTERS 120gsm A2 Print  R 60.00
120gsm A1 Print  R 135.00
120gsm A0 Print  R 239.00